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SharePoint Framework (SPFx) reaches GA

Great news for anyone that remotely has anything to do with SharePoint development, today Microsoft announced the general availability of the SharePoint Framework—allowing developers and administrators to build and deploy parts that are used by Office 365 users in their production environments.

I have joined the Sharing Minds team

I recently started with Sharing Minds as State Manager in Victoria and have been really impressed with the teams deep technical skills and customer focused approach.  I am looking forward to meeting with our Victorian customers over the next few weeks. Sharing Minds is one of Australia's premium business productivity specialists, working with organisations to enhance business communication, information management and productivity across departments, to improve the value of your business. Today's businesses and organisations strive to achieve more from less - from consolidation of assets and resources, through to improvements in business process and management. Sharing Minds'​ solutions cater for the modern business model now and well into the future. Choosing to work with collaboration technology, such as Microsoft SharePoint, makes it easier for your people to work smarter. You'll find it easier to connect with colleagues, create and share across techn

Welcome to my new blog CodeJedi

Welcome to my new blog for CodeJedi.  It has been a while since I last used my original blogs and thought it time to consolidate them.  So this brings the end of my existing  MSDN Blog and Wordpress Blog and the dawn of a new era here at .